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Michelle Stroud-Watts - Principal

Mrs Stroud-Watts has been the principal of Jiggi Public School since 2008. In that time, Jiggi PS has been recognised as a “Zooming” school with high levels of academic excellence and academic growth.  Students at Jiggi PS enjoy a sense of comradery from their enthusiastic involvement and loving support in sporting pursuits, public speaking competitions and leadership programs. There is a true sense of team within the school where positive language, empathy and care for others is modelled and expected.   

Mrs Stroud-Watts has expertise and experience in child development and learning disabilities with a Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood.  She has had great success in teaching students with Autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD and anxiety.  She follows Dr Stuart Ablon’s theory that ‘Children will do well if they can’.  Her Master of Education focused on student wellbeing and engagement, and targeted, professional teacher learning.  Michelle believes that school should be a place where students feel safe, valued, cared for, and loved.  She ensures lessons are fun and students look forward to learning in and out of the classroom, which is why there are chickens in the playground.  She holds strong values in the pastoral care of her students and upholds high expectations for their learning and behaviour, guiding them into becoming lifelong learners with big dreams for their future.    

Michelle lives with her husband of nearly 30 years and two teenage children.  She also has two adult step children and is in love with her gorgeous granddaughter who has brilliant, bright red hair.